Below are some resources for you to look at if you wish to order your prints online. I have a lab that I work with that is reasonably priced if you wish to purchase prints directly from me.
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Snapfish is a well-known and respected photo printing service that allows you to share your photos with family and friends in a variety of ways. We love that you can upload photos from your Facebook and Flickr accounts and then share your albums through social networking sites. We appreciate the ability to upload photos several different ways and the great help and support features. The Tips & Ideas section is a wonderful addition as well.

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I am impressed with the large variety of photo gifts available, but if you choose to send your projects to print at a store, be aware that the product availability differs from store to store. The online community is fabulous and I enjoyed viewing different digital printing projects and accumulating ideas for my own photo books, invitations and more. The community is one of several sharing features this photo printing service provides. The personal website is another great feature that family and friends will enjoy perusing and ordering prints from. Overall, Shutterfly is one of the best digital photo printing services online.

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AdoramaPix definitely has a lot of things going for it. The photo quality is wonderful, there are some great prices, and if you want to find a sleek and professional-looking way to decorate your office or home with pictures, this is a great site to help you do so.

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Although SmugMug may have more of a learning curve than others, we believe you will really enjoy networking with other photographers and having access to all of the opportunities made readily available. This online photo printing site is thoroughly enjoyable to use and has some of the most powerful site features we have seen for a photo printing site.

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This digital photo printing service provides its consumers with simple photo-uploading and ordering processes. Winkflash lacks some variety in available products, but the photo gifts they do offer will make perfect keepsakes.

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While I am disappointed that my Photopipe does not have the extra gift options that many other digital photo printing sites do, we do appreciate the large selection of print sizes available. This photo printing service is clearly for professional photographers, but there are a few features, such as the creation of photo books, that hobbyists may find appealing.